Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivation for fighting Mundane Mondays

Week of June 16, 2014

Mondays can often be downers. It’s the beginning of yet another work week. That’s 5 whole days before you’re free, be it to craft and create or to attend the next event. But instead of letting the weight of a new week stifle my creativity or energy I've collected some links to use as inspiration. I’m sharing them here to give you a little Motivation for fighting Mundane Mondays.

1. The Dreamstress has a reoccurring feature on her blog that I look forward to. Rate the dress is where she shares a different dress/outfit that she tells a little about and asks her readers to vote on. I enjoy seeing various different and often times new to me, dresses.

2. Do you want unique one of a kind shoes? Or at least not ones that look exactly like everyone else's who bought from the same source you did? American Duchess shoes how you can customize a pair of her Pompadours.

3. Katherine from the Fashionable Past shared another 1920s undies tutorial. This time a silk and lace Envelope Chemise. A girl can never have to many pretty undergarments.

4. Loren over at The Costumer's closet has been sharing her beading progress on her GoT dress. She finished one motif and posted a picture of it pinned on her dress. I LOVE the gold embroidery contrasted against the dark gown.

5. I had seen Morgan Donner's Ascension Day project pinned on Pinterest before but I just found her blog. Oh My Gosh!!!! Soooooo many pictures, so much research. Forgive me while I get lost in her blog for awhile.

6. Tyranny of Style shares an article about Disney World's Festival of Fantasy Parade's costumes. I found the use of a 3-d printer interesting and of course loved all making of and final product pictures.
Picture of my kitty helper because I lack any sewing update pictures for this week. Sorry I'm slacking this week I caught a nasty bug over the weekend.

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