Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Captain America

Costume College 2013
This Costume had its first appearance at Costume College 2013. It was still missing pieces but was complete enough. That's what versions 1 and 2 and so forth are for. After Costume College I adjusted the fit in the top, especially at the shoulder straps. And after almost losing my pants at Comikaze I shortened the elastic in the waistband.  I added lace to the arms and leg cuffs. I made the choker and corset, along with buying the wig and shoes. I am still playing with ideas on how to attach the ammo holster but besides that one detail this costume is complete! 
After I gave up my search for the perfect blue with white stars fabric, this costume actually went together quite quickly. I decided to use fabric paint and a stencil to add the stars to both the blue fabric, choker and the patches on my sleeves. The stars aren't perfect but I think that adds a little to the charm.
 For patterns I used my generic PJ bottom pattern for the bloomers. I notice this is my go to pattern for non-fitted pants. If its not broke don't fix it I guess. The top started as a much to small swing dress pattern. I used the general shape and scaled it up for the body for the top and the sleeves. I had to make up my own shoulder strap area since the pattern had the sleeve head being held tight with elastic. I think that is part of why it gave me so much grief the first time I wore it. They were to loose and it felt like I was going to give everyone a show.
The corset is a generic Civil War underbust corset, Simplicity 9763, adjusted to fit my shape. 
The parasol started life as a plain white fabric parasol. To get it to look like Capt. America's shield I printed out a star and cut it out. Then my dad took a flashlight and held it behind the cut out, distancing it far enough away from the parasol so its shadow was the perfect size. Then while he held VERY STILL I quickly drew around the shadow. To get the rings we had one person hold the marker, again VERY STILL and the other person spun the umbrella. There were a couple places that were slightly off but it worked perfectly for what I needed.  After I had my outlines I went at it with the fabric paints.

Favorite part of this costume: Butt bow of doom!!!!. and the Parasol.
Least favorite part of this costume: Would still be the shoulder straps. My first attempt at fixing them has helped with me not feeling like I am going to flash the world but now they look wonky to me. Once I can figure out how to fix them I will. I fear it might be a total re-vamp of the top though.
A few final Photos: