Monday, April 25, 2011

I finished up a new piece to my Steampunk outfit. I decided I wanted to take a more military turn and added a jacket instead of the planned vest. I always imagined this character to be a lot like Kaylee from 'Firefly'. Working away in an airship but still trying to be cute.  The costume has probably taken a turn where it is neither fully Steampunk nor Lolita like it was intended to be but its mine so I don't care. :)
For this jacket I knew I wanted it to be longer in the back but still show off a lot of the corset. Going through my patterns, I settled with Simplicity 2525. It was really easy to mock up and add a few inches here and there. I knew I didn't want it to be plain, but knew I couldn't make it to girly because this was going to be were the military part came in. I found the black velvet trim in my stash and  it was seriously like a light bulb came on. The collar may be shorter in the back and have the notched collar but with the black trim it reminded me of the male dress uniform in the navy. Instant LOVE. An added bonus is it also look like the school uniforms so it helps tie in the Lolita a bit. It took me a few hours to perfectly line up the trim but I think its well worth it!

The sleeves are... just evil. They bunch weirdly, and I don't know why so I can't fix it. But they do work and they aren't horrible.
 I love how the jacket's bottom cuts off where the corset nips in the most! Very flattering!
And a picture of the back. I am all lopsided, sorry.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another quilt

I really like how this one came out. I made up my own pattern, and tried to use what I had recently learned about the color wheel.

Elizabethan coif with shaped forehead cloth

For the local Renaissance fair I added a new accessory to my Garb. I wanted something new to cover my head since I would be able to go my normal route of braiding my hair.
So I choose to make an Elizabethan coif with shaped forehead cloth. I took the pattern from page 145 of The Tudor Tailor. I transfered the pattern exactly as is to truegrid. At that point I made my first mistake though I would realize it till later. I measured the headband areas and thought they would be to small so I added two inches to them. After I cut it all out of scrap linen and tried it on I realized that was to big. If I make it up again I will use pattern exactly as is for those parts. I do plan to cut back the part that covers my ears though. It went to far out on my cheeks. I also need to replace the wire with a heaver gauge.

Back.. boring... 
Side back

Friday, April 1, 2011

I thought I would start the month off with some content.

I finished a quilt for my husband. While its not my favorite I am happy that all fabric used in this project came out of my stash, besides the provided t-shirts of course. This really does thrill me because I can see myself becoming a horder of fabric. Not only the yummy long lengths but the bits that are just to big to throw away but to small to really use... Yes that is an exact measurement for those who did not know. I was also able to use a 10 year old piece that had followed me around the world a bit.
I would really like to get some costuming content in here soon but this year seems to be about quilts. I am just happy I can have some creative outlet.