Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just a brief, I'm still alive post.

8 months ago I decided to finally go back to school and try and get my degree. I mentioned a couple times how hectic I felt over the summer but that was nothing compared to this semester. I've only accomplished two creative things since the semester started 2.5 months ago. The first thing was sewing two gussets into my lab coat and the other was creating 14 death head buttons for a friend. That's it and it does make me a little sad. But it won't last forever, and I promise I will be back to a more regular posting schedule by the end of the Semster!
Things to look forward to:
1. Mundane Mondays will be back and hopefully every Monday. You all still inspire me, its just I am approximately 2 months behind on my blog reading.
2. The Death Head button tutorial is 95% done. It frustrating how close to done it is, but there are a few more pictures and details I want to make sure to include and then I need to do a final edit. SOON I promise.
3. My next big event is a Renaissance festival. I hope to have my kirtle done. No promises though, Anatomy comes first.
4. I get a kick out of dressing in Vintage styles while site-seeing. My plan is to have a new ensemble for when I go to see the Grand Canyon.
A week after that trip, my semester is over. I will have two whole months off, which I plan to fill with sewing. And I have big goals. Sleep the first week. *smirk* And then an entire Regency ensemble from the skin out. I also plan to get started on my GoT cosplay.