Monday, April 11, 2011

Elizabethan coif with shaped forehead cloth

For the local Renaissance fair I added a new accessory to my Garb. I wanted something new to cover my head since I would be able to go my normal route of braiding my hair.
So I choose to make an Elizabethan coif with shaped forehead cloth. I took the pattern from page 145 of The Tudor Tailor. I transfered the pattern exactly as is to truegrid. At that point I made my first mistake though I would realize it till later. I measured the headband areas and thought they would be to small so I added two inches to them. After I cut it all out of scrap linen and tried it on I realized that was to big. If I make it up again I will use pattern exactly as is for those parts. I do plan to cut back the part that covers my ears though. It went to far out on my cheeks. I also need to replace the wire with a heaver gauge.

Back.. boring... 
Side back

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