Monday, June 23, 2014

Motivation for fighting a Mundane Monday

Mondays can often be downers. It’s the beginning of yet another work week. That’s 5 whole days before you’re free, be it to craft and create or to attend the next event. But instead of letting the weight of a new week stifle my creativity or energy I’ve collected some links to use as inspiration. I’m sharing them here to give you a little Motivation for fighting Mundane Mondays.

Week of June 23, 2014

1. Because I was sick last week I completely forgot to mention this blog. WearWhenWhy posted some research and progress she has done on some beetle wing embroidery. I have eyed this type of embroidery on Civil War era dresses for some time. Something about the contrast of the green beetle wings against the white fabric makes me giddy. But the fear of a whole new era has kept me away. After reading her blog post, and searching through Pinterest again, I decided to take the plunge and start a practice piece. A dress may not be in my near future but a bag will be.

2. Shear Madness's Challenge #3 ends in a week. Challenge #3 is all about Costumes made from items not normally found in a Fabric store. While I couldn't think of anything clever to meet this challenge I am looking forward to seeing the entries of those who did enter!

3. I stumbled across this website of Lolita type Cosplay aprons and outfits by accident, but am happy I did. It looks like it might still be in start up mode but I hope it takes off. So much cuteness!!!

4. The Pragamatic Costumer shared how she took a generic Big 3 'Historical' pattern, Simplicity 3723, and with a few tweak was able to get "a fairly decent bustle silhouette".

5. Have you ever thought you've seen a costume from a movie somewhere else? You probably have! Hollywood liked to recycle its costumes. This tumblr link shows several costume and costume pieces and where they have been reused.

This week's Mundane Monday will be a little short. My brain is being overloaded from Quadratic Functions. There is little room for much else besides solving for vertexes and x or y. 
I promise my weekends are full of creativeness and I should soon have pretty things to share. :)

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