Monday, June 9, 2014

Motivation for fighting a Mundane Monday

Week of June 9, 2014

Mondays can often be downers. It’s the beginning of yet another work week. That’s 5 whole days before you’re free, be it to craft and create or to attend the next event. But instead of letting the weight of a new week stifle my creativity or energy I've collected some links to use as inspiration. I’m sharing them here to give you a little Motivation for fighting Mundane Mondays.

1. Working on various projects over the weekend I kept going back to my Pinterest boards for inspiration. The boards I kept referencing were the Cosplay, 20s, and 18th century boards.
I was happy to find more than one extant example of a hat with bows like this. I have seen it on re-enactors and thought it was super cute.
2. American Duchess has a new Edwardian style up for pre-order. The Savorys are a multi-strapped beaded beauty.

3. Demode's 18th century hair and wig styling book has hit the publishers. You can still pre-order it, and its due to ship out mid-July. She even has a preview of a few pages.

4.  Loren has been sharing her progress with her GoT Cersei's gown. I like watching as it comes together and am grateful she is sharing her critics and tweaks to the Simplicity and McCall patterns.

5. After seeing this tutorial on smooth beading I was reminded of a similar tutorial made a few years by Jenny Rose. I decided to refresh myself with it and then got lost on her other beading pages.

6. Katherine released a tutorial reproducing a 1920s combination based off an antique she has in her collection.

7. Another tutorial I bookmarked to use later was A Damsel in this Dress'es tutorial on How to make a Kirtle and Burgundian Gown.

8. There was a tutorial for Elsa's shoes I also found interesting. In the comments she does say she needs to find a way to keep them on better and that they are a bit uncomfortable, (but her friend didn't find them to be,) but its a wonderful starting point. And if I can't fix those problems they would still be super cute to wear for photo shoots, just maybe not to cons.

9. One of my GoT groups shared this site that has close ups of the costume's embroidery. I had seen some of the pictures before but this page is more extensive then most and there were quite a few I hadn't seen before.

10. When a fellow costumer shared a progress pic of embroidery she was doing with beetle wings, I was reminded of plans I had of doing some also. This also prompted some Google searches. My favorite inspiration was this tumblr page. 

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