Monday, April 7, 2014

Motivation for fighting Mundane Mondays

Week of April 7, 2014

This is the first edition of what I hope becomes a reoccurring thing. Mondays can often be downers. It's the beginning of yet another work week. That's 5 whole days before you're free, be it to craft and create or to attend the next event. But instead of letting the weight of a new week stifle my creativity or energy I've collected some links to use as inspiration. I'm sharing them here to give you a little Motivation for fighting Mundane Mondays.

1. I decided to join Wearing History's 1910's Suit sew-a-long. She released the pattern for pre-order today. I know the pictures she shared in the blog are just her muslin but it makes the dress real to me now. With the pattern picture I liked it, with the muslin pictures I WANT it.

2. Sheer Madness Challenge 2 winners have been announced. I'm always inspired by the talented people who are apart of this group. I don't Envy any of the judges.

3. I have been fascinated by the Chemise a la reine since Sofia Coppola's Marie Anntoinette first came out. Sarah from Mode Historique has dedicated this month to the Chemise a la reine, in honor of the research she is doing/plans to do. - She does have a Indiegogo campaign going on to help fund further research on an extent Chemise a la reine. I jumped on one of the perks as soon as I saw it. A pattern of the Chemise a la reine she is studying made to MY measurements. MY MEASUREMENTS!

4. This feature about Disney at MegaCon is loaded with Cosplay pictures. Its always fun to see someone's take on an Iconic character. Or even their twists on them.
Shoe shot- Travistocks on top

5. Hi, my name is Amy Lee and I am addicted to pretty Historical shoes. American Duchess releases her latest two shoe styles for pre-order today. I already own the Travistocks, and have no future plans for any mid-Victorian costumes, so the Siren song isn't as strong with these. They are still pretty though.

6. I'm fairly certain that this photo is photoshopped but I have spent several hours this week daydreaming on how I could recreate it without the photoshop magic. Its a very beautifully done picture of a cosplayer doing Disney's Elsa as her dress changes.

7. My current topic for a speech in my Communications 101 class is on Vivandieres. While looking for a visual aid I found this picture. I enjoy pictures of smartly dressed men and women in uniform, though I admit I may have some bias. This one fits that bill perfectly. I may need to add one of these to my sewing list.

8. Katherine released the second part of her frilled veil tutorial on her blog The Fashionable Past. I am itching to try my hand at it. But I have no need for the veil until I make the dress, which is still pretty far down on my to-do list. I've made sure to bookmark it for later though!

9. LBCC Historical a shop that specializes in reproducing exact historical cosmetic and apothecary recipes has been releasing new products and the newest is their "Burnt cloves to Darken Eyebrows". I love that their products are all natural.

10. Loren shared her Game of Thrones dragon egg on her blog. The Costumer's Closet. I have seen many of them among Game of Throne cosplayers but have always been "meh" about them. Loren's is different. I like how realistic her looks. Hers is made from WonderFlex scraps, which makes me think I need to start exploring Wonderflex and other materials like it.

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