Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet Henry

Henry is just as excited as I am to go to Costume Con 26. He will be competing in the Mousekerade. Instead of having a dress diary for his costume since it is on such a small scale already I will just have pics of him as he is slowly dressed.
The first pictures will not be of him completely nakie. Even though he is just a stuffed animal that seems all sorts of wrong so the first step is him in his blackworked chemise shirt.

4 February- For the past week or two I have been working on Henry's gown. I should probably be working from the skin out but I had already scaled this pattern down so I just jumped into it. The pattern comes from the instructions in the Tudor Tailor.
I used a Maroon Velveteen that I luckily found a yard of on the remnants rack for $1.05. I did a mock up first so Henry got to model his Carolya marked muslin first.  It was decided the gown was two long so I took 2 inches off of the length. That ended up being to much so I added half and inch back. After racking my brain over the instructions for the sleeves I decided to say screw the instructions I am doing it my own way. I think it still came out very well despite me skipping a few steps.  I decided that Henry needed to have beading on his sleeves even if it was scaled down. I have plenty of beads in my stash so it was easy to find some that would work.
Here is the final gown, sans a faux fur collar. I am also debating crouching some gold cord along the hem. I wish the lighting was better in my house or we would get a day that doesn't rain sometime soon. The pictures do not do this any justice!!!!

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