Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drunken Master/ Brad Wong from Dead or Alive 4


started June 2007
Cost so far - $82.00
17th June - I haven't really started this project yet but I have been collecting fabrics
 and accessories. Unless the design alters I officially have all the needed fabrics and the dye. I am to lazy, (because it will interfere with valuable sewing time,) to take and upload pictures of the shoes and hat but it is very Samurai Jack as my husband keeps saying. Pics to come later. *edit* pics to left and right.

22nd June - I was able to dye the fabric a few days ago. That was an interesting first.

20th July - I have been working on this. Really I have. I started with a generic pant pattern that I had made for myself for drawstring pants. Well my hubby does not have the butt and hips that I do so I knew that this would be big on him. He does have a bigger waist then I do so it was just barley big enough in the waist.  The picture to the right shows all the excess material I had to cut off to get the fit I was going for.  Basically I made the pattern super big and then pin fit it to him from there. I cut off the excess material basted it. Had him try it on again, and adjusted from there. It only took me two fittings to get the pants to look the way I wanted them too. The crotch may need some work but I would have to start over to get that right. After I got the fit right I took out the basting stitches on the sides so I could work on the knee 
pads. The knee pads are two layers of drill stuffed with two layers of of cotton batting and then covered with the fashion fabric. I swear I took pictures of this but for the life of me I can't find them on the camera now. I started to sew the pads to the pants using top stitching thread but because I had only a small amount left and problems with tension caused me to quickly ran out.:( I am waiting for an order from Jo-Anns to come in so I can finish them up. After that comes in I will be able to sew the sides together. The pants will have a waist band that will have a Hook and bar closure. I also decided that since this does not have to be historically accurate and since I know how now I am going to put in a zipper for Hubby's convenience. To the left is a in progress pic.

15th August - Waistband and zipper have been added. I started on leg cuffs, adding some piping and false hem but measurements were off and it was for some reason too tight. I have to rip it out and start again.
11th September - At last the pants are done. It took me forever and several attempts to get the cuffs of the pants right. I swear my husbands calves must be changing sizes. It might still be a bit tight when he goes to sit down because that pulls everything up but he is happy with them for now and I am not going to mess with the buggers any more! The black bottom are suppose to imitate him wearing another pair of pants underneath but I just attached them at the cuff. They are made of linen with white muslin strips attached. To keep the bottoms tight but still allow my hubby to get his legs/feet in and out I attached Velcro strips that are completely hidden on the inside. I feel like such a cheat but there is no reason to try and be 'accurate' with this costume so why not!

2 November - So, with school I have been slowly working on this but have not had the time to actually update. So here is a quick update.
I couldn't figure out how to attach white sleeves without a some sort of line or seam so I made a mock white undershirt. The only part that shows in the costume is the sleeves, which is what I wanted. It might have been more work then was needed but creates the desired effect.  It ties very much like a Gi top does. 

Next time I would make it a little longer as right now it shows off my husband's belly and he doesn't like that very much.

 The good thing is the blue top goes over this and his belly doesn't show at all.  The blue top was extremely simple to make. The back is a rectangle that is a little wider around the waist then the upper back. The front is almost the same exact pieces excepts the front is  cut at an angle starting at the side of the neck all the way down to the side. I added a strip of bias to the neckline. The sleeves edges are still raw until I can distress them more. My favorite part and I must say the scariest part was burning the bottom of the blue tunic. The first attempt I was trying so hard to blow out the flames. Yea.... so you all know.... that doesn't work....  My hubby, the fast thinker he is, started to shake it out and thankfully that worked. All the other attempts were followed by a mist of water from the spray bottle which was just enough water to put out the flames but not water log it or ruin it in any way from the water. A half hour before it was to be worn for a Halloween costume contest I made a quick belt. It is probably a bit short but my hubby is trying to lose weight so before he has to wear it again it will be longer.
I still need to distress the costume more before Costume Con 2008. I also need to make gauntlets. Other than that this costume is done!

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