Monday, August 10, 2015

Renaissance Waistcoat and Black Kirtle

This outfit was started back in March of 2014 when I had big plans of completing a new outfit for the Southern California Renaissance Festival. It wasn't finished in time so I ended up wearing a "This old thing" costume. It did allow me to continue working on it throughout the year, and what I had started doing by machine so I could finish it faster I was able to finish by hand. I'm tempted to go back and rip out any seams you can see that were done by machine because I like the look of the hand finished seams better.
For both the kirtle and the waistcoat, I used The Tudor Tailor as the basis for my patterns. The main complaint I had with my last kirtle was that it buckled in the front. To prevent this from happening again, I added reed in boning channels to the strength layer of the kirtle bodice. It was a perfect fix. I also wanted a fuller skirt so I put 5 yards into the skirt alone. 

            I love the swish in the skirt!!!! The kirtle is made from black linen and black cotton drill.
The waistcoat is made from a silk my husband had gotten me in Thailand. I am not very good at guessing fabric types but if I was to guess its a dupioni.  There are some minor slubs and color variations. It has a little body to it but is not as stiff as most taffetas. I used silk ribbons for the center front ties.
I wanted to keep the trim on this fairly simple so I used an antique gold border lace I had gotten at The Ribbon Store in Las Vegas.

I wore it with a low necked black worked chemise, coif, straw hat, and American Duchess Stratford shoes.
Nottingham Festival - Simi Valley
Kitty approved