Monday, December 29, 2014

Regency Corset

My first project completed after my long sewing hiatus, was a Regency Era Corset. I have big plans for a year filled with Regency events, but I can't make the gowns until I have the proper undergarments.
I used a custom drafted pattern from Red Threaded on Etsy. I had heard great reviews from others who had used her patterns. I was told to skip the mock up because the custom patterns went together so fast and smoothly I wouldn't need the mock up. It ended up being good advice. The pattern comes clearly marked, with easy to follow instructions. I have always struggled with sewing in gussets but following the patterns instructions these gussets went in smoothly. I plan to use this method from now on.

I could have easily finished this corset in a day if I hadn't done my eyelets by hand or had to wait for my boning to arrive in the mail. The only complaint I had with the fit of this pattern was how it bunched in the bust. But a testament to how good the customer service is at Red Threaded, the owner saw a comment I made about the bunching and offered trouble shoot if I sent her a picture. I'll update later with the results after I implement her suggestion. If I'm honest though, I can live with the bunching. Being plus sized and pear shaped, corsets are evil.
The only changes I made from the pattern was to add the diagonal boning channels, and used a machine embroidery stitch over several of my stitch lines. I was trying to make it look a tad fancier because I had visions of pretty embroidered ones.

Maybe for the next one I will attempt a true embroidered and corded corset. 


  1. It is absolutely GORGEOUS and you Look LOVELY!!! The embroidery is stunning... A Job Well Done!! Can't wait to see the dresses you create!

  2. Oh how fabulous are you in your gorgeous corset!!! You did such a lovley job on this! And the pictures are wonderful!!! Can't wait to see your future Regency wardrobe!!!