Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steampunk Lolita

I have fallen behind on updating my finished photos so I am going to sum them up in a few blogs.
First up is the Steampunk Lolita. This is version....4... I think. Very happy with how it looks right now. Though it is VERY WARM.
The petticoat is made out of cotton muslin. I choose muslin because 1. It matched the color scheme I had in my head and 2. It's cheap.  I no longer remember how much fabric went into that bottom ruffle but I do know its was yards upon yards. That along with the ruffles on the actual skirt make for a VERY full and fluffy skirt.
I drafted the corset based off my measurements.
For the coat I used the pattern Simplicity 2525. The fashion fabric is a brown tropical weight wool and I used a Burgandy velvet ribbon for trim. The trim unfortunely gets lost in these pictures though. More info on the coat can be found in this post.
The socks I bought from Sock Dreams.
For the hat I bought a standard issue Air Force uniform hat, took it apart, recovered it, and sewed it back together. Better pictures can be found in this post.

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